So you've decided to learn to drive - but where do you start?!


First off, we'll need to discuss your specific needs. Learning to drive is no different to any new skill - everyone learns in their own way and at their own pace, some may have previous experience, others none whatsoever.


We'll arrange a convenient date and time for your first lesson and on the day I'll pick you up in my tuition car from your home, work, sixth form, college or wherever suits you. All my lessons are conducted on a 'door-to-door' basis so I'll pick you up and drop you off.


Once the introductions are done there's a little bit of admin to get through - I have to make sure your licence is correct and your eyesight meets the legal standard.


Then we get the car moving! Don't worry; if you're a complete beginner, I do the first bit! I'll drive to somewhere safe, quiet and suitable for you to get your driving career going - you won't be chucked in at the deep end!


I'll explain the cockpit drill, which must be done each time you get into the car and ensures you are comfortable and in a suitable position to operate the controls of the car. I'll explain the controls and give you a briefing on moving off and stopping safely.


Then it's over to you - you'll be driving for the first time!